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Originally Posted by Castelian View Post
Did you not read my reply? The frame skipping is from the screen recording tool, my lord people. READ! Also, if you cared to read my very first post, you'd see I'm comparing games that were available for both Amiga and IIGS. Turrican II was not on the IIGS (I agree, the IIGS could never play something like that). But back to the topic of this thread...I've yet to hear someone give me the name of an Amiga version of a game that has better graphics and/or sound than the IIGS version.
That's because there were so few games (your top 15 makes 9% of the total!) made for Apple IIGS, and all but a handful are ports of simplistic games from the 1985-1987 C64/Apple II era or even more inane products like Blackjack Academy.

Just compare the games list for the Apple IIGS with a typical game seller ad in Zzap 64 or CU Magazine from this period. Those were made for even more limited systems and not significantly improved when porting to 16-bit systems.

What do you want us to say about those games? Yes, it had almost as high resolution and almost as many colors, so it looks the same. Yes, it had a good soundchip, so it didn't sound bad.

(btw, I did not refer to Youtube/Camtasia frameskip in my entire post! May I suggest you take your own suggestion to learn to read? )

Ah, I think I see it now. The Amiga was never really a hit in the US like it was in Europe, and you might have missed all the (at least relative to ST/IIGS) great games that we were blessed with here? Amiga games list (OCS only)

But the problem here is the small subset for the IIGS. There's nothing we can trump you with, because the other thousands of games were made for Amiga but not for IIGS.

I tried to find something decent to challenge Amiga with in the list but only came up with Lemmings and Dungeon Master. If there's a real 3D game for the IIGS I'm pretty sure the Amiga port could best it.

It would be easier if you took a few IIGS games that you think is technically very impressive and we could say how they compare.
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