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Originally Posted by Exit View Post
but on these other platforms you will be one in a thousand other do you suppose to stand out of the crowd?
Maybe so, but it is also a market that is prepared to PAY for games, where precious few on the Amiga would.

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
There would be 2 layers of potential issues. Say the Amiga side is working 100%, you will have to make sure the emulator doesn't have any compatibility issues on different mobile OSes. You might have performance problems as well. Also you have to determine who is controlling the emulator. Are you going to use whatever is available or have use only specific emulator version to run your code? If the emulator is updated, will it screw up your game?
Not so. If you cater for the basic Android setup, it should work on all Android capable machines without problems, if there are issues, then thats solely down to people not following proper Android implementations on their respective devices.

The plan would be to work with someone who does the emulator, so that as time goes by, better versions of the emulator are implemented.

The fact is, this isn't really a problem. If there is found to be a problem with doing something within the emulator, and it doesn't emulate 100% what I expect, then either a discussion with the author of the emulator needs to be had to fix it, or simply do it a different way to get the results I expect.

Either way, I would expect most effects and the like to work well within an emulated environment, because I want it all working smoothly with no slowdowns, so if a particular effect is too taxing for the most basic Android capable machine, then that effect would be optimised or changed for something less taxing.

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
I forgot to mention that you'll have to worry about compatibility whenever mobile phone OS is upgraded.
No I won't. So long as the emulator caters for the base standard of Android, there is no reason to assume that the Emulator core would fail on subsequent updates of the OS, and if it did, then it would be down to the author of the core to fix the problem, so that a free patch could be offered for existing users of the game.

Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
@Galahad: It wouldn't be hard to give you an emulator, which does what you require, mine has no real GUI ATM anyway, all It needs is a cfg file.

I also wonder if you can put copy protection in it which makes it require the emulator, so if someone does rip it, it wont work

I think it is a brilliant idea too.
You've/You're doing a version? If so, we need to speak mate.

A level of copy protection would actually be very easy, implementing a WHDLoad style keyfile needed to unlock the game beyond demo features.

Any would be crackers would have to know 68000 ASM to be able to crack it, and would need to know the same if they intended to build a keygen for the games.

Obviously someone skilled enough as an Amiga programmer could break the protection, but whether or not they'd actually want to is another matter, it wouldn't be immediately obvious to anyone it was actually 68000 ASM and not JAVA or ARM.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
@Big G,

over the last week I have been installing my laptop with all manner of Amiga Software languages and an Android Dev suit =D

Been playing around with amiga-game development for the last couple of years.

lol - its only been ....15/16 years since I last coded a project on the Amiga...

It would be an honour to work with you on a project, all I ask is we split work and remuneration fairly and that android (uae) be the initial target platform. Ipoo'd and other VM stations later.

And if we can - it would be awesome to release a version for the Amiga Community Free =D

I have some ideas and I would be more than happy to share them with you =D
Well, I would be happy with the involvement of others, I can't do it all on my own, and am happy to share the proceeds with others involved.

This isn't actually about the money for me, as i'm actually doing alright with my present business, but obviously money has to be a factor to make something like this work, and would be a welcome bonus should it be successful.

My overriding concern is to actually see this idea through to its logical conclusion, as without bigging myself up too much, I think its a bloody good idea and theres no reason why it can't work.

I do know that the restrictions on what you can or can't do on Android are less as they obviously want to give Ipad/Iphone a kicking.

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