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Premier Manager 2 versions and tactics?

Hello People

A few questions about one of my favourite titles on any system - PM2.

After trying many ADFs from various sources on the interwebz which did not on install on my real A1200, I got a geniune real copy with the fantastic protection wheel from Amibay which installs nicely! The wheel is really hard to read though - black on black, good work!

I noticed that the installer on this version (which mentions A1200 compatibility on the box) is an AmigaDOS based installer. Whereas at least one of the ADF versions I found had a custom ingame style installer with music (Andy Gray and Martin Tyler - you know "what a lovely bend on that ball").

Also my version starts with some players with 0 years left on contract - an ADF version I had (with custom installer) never had players on 0 year contracts when starting the game. Also I think I am losing more money more quickly on the real copy I am using.

So I wondered whether there were different versions - maybe including bug fixes? On many PC games you get a version number on boot screen, but I don't think you see much like that on the Amiga.

Finally what tactics do people use? I can't remember my killer tactics much but I currently using 5-3-2 with Normal for everything, Nearest Man Marking and Medium shooting with Long Ball Graham Taylor style football!

Any other Premier Manager fans out there?
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