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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
No, the IIGS sound chip is a true wavetable chip...

It really was the best sound hardware available on any computer at the time..

And the Zany Golf theme is much more "full" and involved on the IIGS..

That being said, personally, I find the IIGS version a bit too busy... Almost like they were showing off what the hardware could do, rightfully so...

That's just me tho.. Quite a few people prefer the IIGS version...


From the little iv'e read about Zany golf on GS it was developed first on this machine.I would guess then that the music would sound even better and maybe a more rich sound.I can see where you might be going regarding maybe too many voices being the GS's capabilities allowed it

I'd love to hear these original tracks but there doesn't appear to be any Youtube videos other than the intro- and to be honest the intro piece isn't one of the best anyway i personally thought.Fingers crossed for the GS versions as the ingame pieces themselves are so superbly well crafted, in an almost abstract type way that makes them delightfully quirky- like no other really

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