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Thank you all, you are welcome.
It's been a bit of a nostalgic week, first me releasing my Tron game, then going to watch the new Tron movie. Wow what a really cool movie that was. Very cool old school sound track too. It was really nice of Hollywood making a film based on my game, cheers for that .

Originally Posted by Asman View Post
@DJCruicky - About Known bugs. Did you use PORTS int to handling keyboard events ?
Erm, game was made with BlitzBasic so not sure what that command is. I did use raw codes if that makes any sense. I don't think it was that much of a problem to be honest.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
.......Xmas is cancelled - I have too many games to play...!!!!
lol, I'll tell Santa not to come to your house this Christmas then.

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I remember very well the advert in Alien Fish Finger - there are two high piles, carrying billboards with signs WIRED CHAOS and HYDRO ZONE. I am glad that we now have both these titles and thank you David, Alien Fish Finger is one of my most beloved games.
Good spotted, on level 4 I believe.
I'll be looking at that game over Christmas with the plan to make available for all.

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