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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Is it just the youtube video or was the scrolling and framerate really that horrible on all IIgs games?

Out of this world looks like it is dropping too many frames to be playable. Thexder looks like it is on frameskip 5. Arkanoid looks impossible to play, the ball just seems to teleport across the screen. I always thought the IIgs a capable machine but that video was not impressive at all.
I concur.

Also, the games with the exception of Another World, aren't really impressive, they look like a much older class of games than the 1988-1992 heyday of the A500. And Another World doesn't really push the hardware with its static backgrounds with 10fps animations on top.

I was impressed with the IIGS sound quality, though I'd like to hear it perform something like the Turrican II soundtrack.

Also, the 68000 was a slow hog, the Amiga chipset was there to alleviate that a bit. The '16-bit 6510' was no bad performer at all, even at lower MHz. I would have liked to see it in more computers and consoles.

And of course no chance for decent 3D games like Resolution 101, F/A-18, etc. Not even with a tiny screen, like some of the 2D games you show there.

So 'the best versions of games that look 1985'? Sure. The hardware for the IIGS was 'good enough' in that it did have 'enough colors for games not to look strange' and a better soundchip than Atari ST, that's for sure. Like a PC Engine, with a faster CPU to compensate for a capable chipset.

The A500 has limits that are still possible to overcome with a clever idea to make something extra nice, but the IIGS really has limits that set the top level, as you've shown.

I think someone can dig up a YT vid of 300 best Amiga games and still all of them would be awesomer, lovelier, faster and more playable than those 15.

Harsh words for you to hear maybe, but I think it's the truth.
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