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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
I don't think Amigakit should change their processes just for the sake of getting these out a little bit quicker.

I'm glad they test everything prior to despatch.

Its a shame that people wont have these under their tree's in time but I think there is also another need for testing.

Amigakit might well pick up on a fault thats already been missed, so rather than a mass recall of items already shipped to customers, its better this is all tested now.


It wasn't a matter of cutting time to get them to the end users quicker, just currious to know the reason. I have never heard of such checks taking place by a dealer before.

Originally Posted by View Post
Individual Computers tests the units, but we have strict Quality Control policy as well.

If we send out a card that is not working and it is returned by the customer, the margin is so small on these cards that we make a loss, plus our customer will be unhappy.

I know this is something we don't want to chance.
The low margin explains it all, and makes perfect sense.
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