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4 player adapter games

I found an interesting thread about list of 4 player games, here is the 'summary'
Super Skidmarks (8 players with serial linkup) dl cars on aminet
Blitzbombers, Max Rally and Kickoff2 seems to support it, 
Hired Guns
Gauntlet 2
Bratwurst - on aminet
Master Blaster 2 - on aminet, Dynablaster, Bug Bomber 
Minerunner - Loderunner  aminet
Monsters of Terror AGA
Poweroids - Asteroids with 4 players. 
AirTaxi, on Aminet
Viper (on aminet) is a fun multiplayer snake, keyboard only
6-Tris - Tetris, but for up to 6 players.
are there more?
I think that some games used different/special pinout, or do they all use the same adapter?
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