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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
Zany Golf music is very good on Amiga and features choir sounds so i'd be suprised if the gs matched this- GS features generated sound only for music?
No, the IIGS sound chip is a true wavetable chip...
The Apple IIGS' sound was provided by an included Ensoniq 5503 DOC wavetable sound chip, the same chip used in Ensoniq's Mirage and ESQ-1 professional-grade synthesizers. The chip allowed for 32 separate channels of sound, though most software paired them into 16 stereo voices, as did the standard tools of the operating system.
It really was the best sound hardware available on any computer at the time..

And the Zany Golf theme is much more "full" and involved on the IIGS..

That being said, personally, I find the IIGS version a bit too busy... Almost like they were showing off what the hardware could do, rightfully so...

That's just me tho.. Quite a few people prefer the IIGS version...

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