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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Im not certain, but maybe not havng an fpu is contributing to the frozen grey screen. Just messing around withthe 030 port and restricting winuae to 030 alike as i can, I can see that in snoopdos when there is no fpu enabeled scummvm fails to open MathIEEE.resource and thus the grey screen when trying to run game.

With fpu enabled no such error in snoopdos and the game runs. (Testing fate of atlantis)
Hey, give the man a cigar...I think you might be right. I just tried it in WinUAE and the 030 version won't even run for me without an FPU

So, is it just 030 owners that are having this issue? Most if not all 040 and 060 owner's would have an FPU.

Should be a 10 min fix for me to resolve if that is the problem.
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