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My first computer was an Apple II+, and I switched over to the Amiga shortly after the A500 came out in the US. At the time that the IIGS first came out, its price was prohibitively high relative to the Amiga, which went a long way towards pushing me in that direction. Still, I always wanted a IIGS and I now own both a ROM1 and a ROM3 version thanks to eBay. After having played with both the Amiga and the IIGS a lot over the years, I love both machines but there are some clear differences. Yes, some games on the IIGS may be better than the Amiga versions, but that is more a function of which port was better done than the other than anything else. The Amiga did have some games though that could not be duplicated on the IIGS with acceptable performance though - Shadow of the Beast being the most obvious one that comes to mind. Besides the difference in CPU speeds, the IIGS lacked the advantages that the Amiga's custom chip set provided, as the CPU on the IIGS had to handle all of the tasks that were distibuted among several different chips on the Amiga. As for multi-tasking, the Amiga is the clear winner there. While the IIGS does have some ability to multi-task if you're running under the GNO/ME system, that capability was not provided even by Apple's last official OS version for the IIGS - System 6.0.1. It's still a great little machine with some really nice features, but on balance the Amiga had it beat in terms of overall capabilities.
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