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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Ah, ok. I read at the installation instructions some about it that made me think that, but it isn't the partition, it's the file system:
"In the first phase, all the required files are copied on your HDD by the installer script. The actual filesystem isn't usable direcly from CD, as it needs to be serialized with your name and serial number first. What this means, is you MUST use the installer script to get started."
That's what I meant. The installation script creates a personalized version of the PFS3 and PFS3ds programs in the L directory of your boot partition. These personalized versions can be copied to where you want and used from there without reinstalling.

But what you say to use it in another HDD is that I only need the PFSformat and PFS3ds files from the partition where I've installed the script? Only that?
Yes, only that. You don't even need pfsformat. The only difference between pfsformat and normal format is that pfsformat allows you to set file name size and deldir size which are specific to PFS. But if I look above, you didn't use these options anyway, so you could as well use format from the Workbench menu or DOS format from HDInstTools.

The only dude about HDToolBox is about the partition sizes in large HDs. I believe if you use it you will have to use Fixhdsize always, and with HDInsttools it seems you haven't.
HDToolbox does not show the right sizes for partition bigger than 4GB. But it works correctly nevertheless.

FixHDDSize is for a different problem. If you connect the HDD to your real Amiga (or to IDE0 in WinUAE) and then initialize it using the original Kickstart scsi.device, it only sees 8GB of it. Once a patch for scsi.device is applied, the rest of the HDD can be accessed, but HDToolbox (and I think also HDInsttools) still allows you to partition only 8GB. FixHDDSize corrects this limit to the real size of the HDD.
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