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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I'm a little confused. If I make the partitions in a fresh CF HD using PFS3 surely I won't have any problem, but to format them I need a partition with the script, so I need it installed in Dh0, and to format it I have to copy it to another partition as I did?
If you connect a completely new HDD to a computer, you need some other disk or drive in order to boot from it, don't you? So why don't you copy PFS3 to this other disk or drive?

These steps are needed to prepare a new HDD:

1. connect the new HDD
2. connect or insert another bootable disk or drive in order to run HDToolbox or the like.
3. initialize the new HDD and create partitions
4. reboot
5. format the new partitions
6. copy files to the new partitions either by installing a new OS or by restoring a backup of an old OS.

Now, what you did was:

3. create partitions with FFS
4. reboot
5. format
6. copy files
7. backup files
8. change the partitions to PFS (which deletes all files which were previously copied)
9. reboot
10. format the changed partitions
11. copy files to the changed partitions (again).

What I see here is that steps 8 through 11 are exactly the same as steps 3 through 6. So you can save steps 8 to 11 if you start with PFS already in step 3. And if you do so, step 7 is not needed any more, too, because you are not going to delete the freshly installed files again.
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