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Ok. I've installed it (I bought another card reader). Thanks for the answers. I want to tell here how I did it for if whenever I need it again (or you):

Well first I used FixHDDsize of Thomas because it wasn't showing all the sizes.
As after I did the script install it wasn't letting me install it again (it was write protected) I used:
protect dh0:#? +wd all
and then I installed it again, this time with the expert option instead of novice and I didn't install the options multiusers and floppy.
After that I installed the update of Aminet to version 18.5, and then I used first the Workbench Install floppy HDTools to setup the partitions (DH1 and DH2) with:
Identifier (Dostype): 50465303
Identifier for PFS3DS: 50445303
Mask: 0xffffffc
Buffers: 250
Maxtransfer: 0x1fe00

And later I used HdInsttools to have the right sizes.

I selected the pfs3ds file system as my Cf HD has 16Gb.
After saving the changes I did the format in Dh1 and Dh2 with the following:
System:Tools\PFS3\Tools\pfsformat device dh1: Name Apps Quick

I did the same with Dh2 and later I did a copy of Dh0 to Dh1, changed the bootable partition to Dh1 (don't forget to rename it as the former Dh0, and Dh0 as you like) and repeated the process to partition and format Dh0. Later you only have to copy again Dh0 and select that partition as bootable.

Well here finishes the guide. I only have keep with a problem: I get a message of "Can't add MUI docs to help" when I boot. Surely changing partitions from a place to another I lost something.
Any idea how to fix it?

Edit: Well, I will see what do I have in Help...

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