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Originally Posted by Parsec View Post
Been looking into these beasties, and have worked out the following, can anyone tell me if I've missed anything:

* C-One is available (at 330 EUR), and will run ECS as well as some other 8 bit machines. VGA out.

* Minimig is available (130 for board), will run ECS, not apparently powerful enough for AGA. VGA out.

* FPGA arcade (?) will run ECs and AGA, but not available yet - taking a while to test. DVI out.

I really like the look of the FPGA Arcade, it's DVI output is easy to convert to HDMI which I would find much more convenient for my requirements.

Is there any other machines out there?
There's also the MCC (

Natami still not sold, Clone-A is very promising being the only one compatible at a HW level, but we've to wait...

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