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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
I'd say go for something that an ECS machine couldn't handle - if you want to sell it
You could use two versions; one with nice video effects for 2d/3d accelerated machines, and you can still fall back to plain or simple effects on Amiga.
Well initially the plan would be to escape some of the Amiga limitations, so being able to acccess any memory via custom chips, adding extra sound channels and the like, but that would come later should the initial batch of games prove to be successfull.

What I do know about programming on these devices, is theres MILLIONS of competition, so i'd rather not waste initial setup time developing some super killer system if the games simply aren't up to being bought.

Check out the initial enthusiasm for the games, if they prove to be commercially successful, then progress to improving beyond what a normal ECS Amiga could be expected to do, or at the very least, work around some of the limitations of the hardware.
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