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Almost correct.

Indivision ECS does have Graffitti emulation, but it doesn't make sense, since on ECS, Grafitti is VERY SLOW and works only in 320x resolutions.

That's why Indivision ECS has its own new graphics core, which allows direct writes into the chunky framebuffer of the flickerfixer at full speed, without chipset interference. Not only is this very fast, but resolutions up to 1024x768 in 8 bit or 16 bit (downconverted to 12 bit) are possible. This core has nothing to do with the native Amiga display, it's a core which turns Indivision ECS into a very small graphics card, capable of Zorro II speed, with native chunky graphics support.

So Cammy has not only realized what Indivision ECS can do, but also anticipated my intentions what to do with it.

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