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Originally Posted by amigarobbo View Post
Err, in my case, that would work, as the maprom command has not been run.

Should the first line be acatune -maprom * >NIL:


Because I just tried it, first boot fine, the on reboots only showing the purple insert disk screen, no dh0: in boot devices etc.
I'll explain again what the problem is:

The ACA1230-56 has a very fast CPU->Amiga mainboard and CPU->SDRAM interface. The card can indeed do some memory related operations faster than a 68060 board.

When you turn on your Amiga the first time, Kickstart is executed from the slow internal ROM. So, when your Amiga waits for the IDE device to initialize, it waits long enough to be recognized.

When maprom is active, Kickstart is executed from very fast SDRAM. When the Amiga reboots with maprom activated, it doesn't wait long enough for your IDE device, jumping to the purple disk screen before it can answer "HERE, I AM THERE, I AM READY".

This happens when you use acatune -maprom * -cache on -burst on >NIL: option, because that way, maprom is reset proof.

There is a second way to do maprom, by using the cpu command, which is part of your Amiga OS. This time, maprom is not reset proof, since the MMU is being used to map the rom. Which means, every time you reset the Amiga, it starts from ROM, recognizes the IDE drive, boots, and THEN copies the Kickstart to RAM.

So again, does it solve your problem if you insert the exact two lines I posted earlier in your startup-sequence?

acatune >NIL:
cpu cache burst fastrom >NIL:

That way, you should have a booting Amiga WITH maprom (which is called fastrom if you use the cpu command).

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