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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I've been running some ideas around my head for the past few weeks.

I want to get back into games programming, but I really can't be arsed, and I simply don't have the time to learn a new language when recent developments mean I might not have to.

The Amiga is seeing a bit of a semi-revival as a few of its games get converted to phones and the like pretty much as they were.

Obviously people consider the Amiga games to still look and sound good enough to only offer minor enhancements, which got me to thinking.

My idea is thus: I know Amiga programming, and could likely program something on the Amiga far quicker than I could in Java or anything else. So instead of programming in Java, why not program as if I was doing a game for the Amiga, written on Amiga, and take advantage of the Amiga Emulators on Android and Iphone/Ipad to create a transparent layer where the emulator has no user input whatsoever, other than to be told what Amiga 'rom' to load so that the game can be started and played?

After all, that is pretty much how Java works, so instead of jumping through hoops learning new languages, utilise the emulator cores to take advantage of the programming, graphics and music we all know already.

Any thoughts?
The idea is good, but IMHO it should be a starting point for quick to market results. A second part could be, still doing the coding and such on the Amiga and have a tool to translate 68k to ARM, and have blitter/copper stuff handled by a core library. Hence you've the advantage to code the Amiga way and also to be capable of doing more than what an Amiga can do. More bobs, colors on screen to start with.

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