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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Many of the new devices have very capable accelerated 3d graphics chips that you could utilize for at least 2d effects that look far better than anything you could do on a miggy.
Maybe add an "enhanced 3d mode" or a 3d driver to the emulator to do that, but if you go that far, you might as well just compile native code.
There are official emulators and/ord devkits for your target platforms; the emulators are afaik free.
You're talking about Android emulators and the like aren't you? so you can develop on a PC knowing what the end results would be like on the target device?

No doubt better games could be produced outside of an Amiga environment, but from my perspective, games developed with a hint of Amiga is no bad thing depending on the game. I've seen lots of recent non 3D stuff on Iphone and Android and frankly, an ECS Amiga could cope with most of them with ease, therefore, programming an Amiga game and then have it emulated on the target machine should work fine.

Also, it adds a level of copy protection to the game, because how many would be hackers today are 68000 asm conversant where they could successfully crack the serial protection without problems?
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