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So I started playing Head over Heels now, never played this one before.

And again - very, very impressive remake! Love the graphics, I like them maybe even better than in Batman since there are several very varied areas here... I mean several big areas with their own graphics, not like in Batman where there are varied graphics but more 'random', from room to room.

Also, even though the game is much larger... I get the impression it's easier to finish without drawing a map than Batman would be.. as once you get to that 'moon' section, it seems each area you can teleport to from there (where the crowns are) are seperate areas.

However, actually mapping the game is more stressful though since there are teleports in this game. Since I'm mapping while playing, like in Batman, my map is becoming really messy

As I was playing the game and drawing my map here, I noticed this game seems easier than Batman even though it's quite a bit bigger... as unlike Batman this one has several 'levels', areas you enter and then leave never to worry about again. So I'm thinking making a map might have been a waste of time but as I had already done so much, I thought I might as well finish it
Nearly done now I think, here's my incredibly messy map... but I can read it well enough so, that's what matters I guess

EDIT 2 - finished it

EDIT 3 - and just finished Batman again

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