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Fun with HAM

Just for a bit of silly seasonal Amiga-related fun, here's a picture of ham converted into HAM.

The image on the left is 24-bit, the one on the right was converted to HAM-6 by Vidi Amiga software.
This mode was possible on the high-end Amiga 1000 in 1985 and the affordable Amiga 500 in 1987.
In contrast, VGA came out in 1987 for high-end PCs and was limited to 256 colours in low resolution.

Compare our HAM image on the left with a 256 colour VGA image.
Amiga had quite the edge (even if we improve the 256 colour dithering):

Funny how Commodore originally thought this was a useless feature and wanted it taken out.

P.S. The Wikipedia article accurately describes HAM as a form of hardware-based lossy compression.
CDXL video which utilised HAM used no other form of compression.
I suppose the spiritual heir to HAM today would be specialised GPU hardware for decompressing high-definition video, as found in many graphics cards and mobile devices.
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