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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
I have occasionally had these exact same thoughts over the last five years or so. The Amiga could be quite a capable "virtual machine".

Indeed wasn't that the idea behind AInc.'s AmigaAnywhere(tm)?

Emulation has proven that modern computing devices are more than capable handling the task. And with UAE source available then embedding the emulator in platform specific executables should be pretty straightforward.

I think the only real difficulty is licensing the Kickstart ROM's, and even then the 68k AROS project could soon eliminate this problem (fingers crossed).

What I want to know from you is: Are you thinking of making original Amiga games and marketing them beyond the confines of the Amiga community, or are you just thinking of adapting old favorites for new platforms?
You wouldn't need Kickstart Roms for anything. You would have the Emulator core check the Amiga 'rom' game file for header information so it can actually boot the 'rom' without the need for Kickstart, because the only need for Kickstart in the first place is to load the bootblock and then use AmigaDOS to load some sectors of data to get going, well theres plenty of loaders that are tiny enough to fit in the bootblock so there is no need to use AmigaDOS for anything.

I would be aiming to do original games for Android/Iphone/Ipad, and then once the game has done its business, they get released for free on Amiga. Having said that, some enterprising chap would probably simply hack the Iphone/Android/Ipad games so they would work on Amiga in any case, but the point is, theres plenty of talented Amiga programmers, Graphics artists and musicians still that could turn around a far more accomplished game than they probably could in Java, and, could turn it around quicker.

The only thing to do is to speak to one of the emulator authors to get them to do a specific core version of the emulator that avoids the boot issue of needing Kickstart, and has all the most compatible settings as default, and doesn't boot up looking like an emulator, its basically transparent.

Personally, I reckon its a winner.
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