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Always been a big fan of the IIGS, although I don't agree the graphics are generally better.
I just don't see it, even with Arkanoid..

Although the IIGS did have the 256 color 320x200 mode that was pretty fast.

Now, I will give the IIGS props on sound. It did have a great sound chip...
Esonique Wavetable.. Nice...
Interesting that the best part of the the IIGS, the sound chip, was designed by Bob Yannes, who designed the SID chip for the C64.

And considering what it did with 2.8Mhz.. I don't think any of it (other than sound) was better than the Amiga, but then again the Amiga had a few more Mhz to throw at it. :-)

I think what I liked most about the IIGS is that it was the II line. Always liked Woz and the II line.. I have a Mac Classic, and used a Mac back in the day. They have their nice parts, but I liked the II line SO much better!!!

Considering the IIGS was released after the Amiga 1000, having a max res of 640x200 and only 2.8Mhz wasn't going to cut it against the ST and the Amiga, even with better sound..
The IIGS, if it had been released at 7-8Mhz with a 640x400 mode would have been serious competition, but I think it would have been too much competition for the Mac line for Apple to do that..

If I can pick one up cheaply tho, I'll add it to my collection.. ;-)

Nice vid, and I really like the sound sample at 5:03... ;-)

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