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The IIGS offered many video sizes with Out of this World. With a stock 2.8 Mhz, if you play OOTW in large video, it is much slower than the Amiga. That's why I used letterbox, its faster than full screen. The Amiga was far superior as far as speed, no question. But my post was regarding graphics and sound.

Zany Golf, Thexder, Silpheed, Qix, the Immortal, and Arkanoid all have far superior sound (anyone who disagrees has obviously never heard a IIGS). Graphically Thexder, Silpheed, Zany Golf, and Out of this World are about equal, every other game I've seen such as Arkanoid, the IIGS came out ahead. If you can give me a specific game that you know the Amiga has a better version (either with sound, graphics, or both), please share it with me and I'll check it out.

Now that being said, if we were to take a look at which of these 2 systems had a better supply of awesome games, that would easily go to the Amiga. Fire and Ice, Gods, Turrican II... games just dont get better than that! I honestly love both systems and play them both pretty equally nowadays. I'll always be partial to the IIGS, but I think I can offer a somewhat more objective take on comparing them than certain people who have never even touched a IIGS.

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