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Originally Posted by coze View Post
something wrong with this picture ?
No, it's a valid question.. Oliver from Individual Computers thought so, and answered that exact question by saying:

Originally Posted by Oliver_A
Good question, the honest answer is: I don't know yet. What I'm intending to do is using the MMU to split the screen into segments, which are partially updated only when something has changed. That way, performance might be sufficient. I am also trying to use the hardware sprite as the mouse pointer, which should enhance the responsiveness even further.
What I believe they are discussing is the Indivision ECS which has Grafitti Emulation and the new accelerator together. Grafitti has a max of 640x256 with 256 colors. (I think, don't have a Grafitti or Indivision ECS)

So, the question is, with the new accelerator and the IndiECS, could it be increased...
Oliver thinks, maybe.. ;-)


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