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There is one important thing to keep in mind: ACATune currently does not support encrypted rom files, which might be a part of Cloanto Amiga Forever.

We are working hard to find out what happens. As it seems to be, in many cases, the ACA1230-56Mhz with its very fast Fast-Ram and Chip-Ram interface accelerates the Amiga up to a point that certain harddiscs aren't recognized anymore when Maprom is activated. The reason for this is the Kickstart 3.0/3.1 IDE initialization routine, which aborts way too quick for some drives when the Amiga is accelerated too much.

We are trying to implement a workaround for this. For the time being, use the cpu command to do the maprom by typing:

cpu cache burst fastrom

That way, the Amiga starts from ROM each time the machine is reset, and decelerated sufficiently so that such harddiscs are recognized again on boot-up.

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