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I received my ACA1230/56 yesterday. I've never used a real amiga much before but I didn't realize how many of the demos I loved used an FPU. I remember seeing a post earlier that it may be possible to emulate a FPU via software so at least the demos would run. Is there a good chance that this will happen? Other than that, installation was a breeze and the card seems to be of good quality.

For some reason only about half of the games that run on my WINUAE are working on my real 1200. I'm still trying to figure out why. I get errors like ($6C) at $BFFA570 with games like Mortal Kombat 2. Also, my attempts at maprom have failed. I've tried acatune -maprom *, and using specific roms as an argument but I just get a black screen or the system freezes and needs the power cycled. I didn't really want to submit a support ticket since I may be doing something wrong and might need suggestions. I've also had a few fatal errors while doing basic tasks. I've cleaned contacts, reseated card etc.

Also, I just Received Kickstart 3.1 ROM chips from Amigakit with my order. One of the legs on the chips were completely bent over. I was able to carefully straighten it but am worried since the leg seems weak. I don't think this is my problem but threw it in just in case.

Specs -
Classic WB ADVSP
KickStart 3.1
ACATUNE - STATUS recognizes my card as ACA1230-56MHZ
No other expansions in my A1200
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