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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Input lag? Try setting your projector to gaming mode?
Don't think it's a hardware problem as such, more config and the type of game. I've never been able to get used to d-pads, so prefer the thumbsticks but of course they are analog. I tried Giana on CCS64 and it wasn't responsive enough for timed jumps.

Tried a few MAME titles and mixed results - Outrun is brilliant fun. Marble Madness unplayable, other ok-ish. It depends on the game doesn't it, older stuff needs a digital controller. MM needs mouse/trackball.

Another big disappointment was GTA San Andreas not working properly with the controller despite using the SAAC plugin. Bummer. I bought the PC version because the xbox version running on the 360 looks really naff.

I'll stick with the HTPC instead of the xbox then, like you say it should do everything.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I dunno, depends WHY you didn't enjoy using the 360 controller. Do you like to use the joypad on the 360? Perhaps try emulating a platform that had a Joypad? Snes, Megadrive, N64 etc. and see if that feels more realistic. If it does... then yeah get a joystick.

Do you not have a wireless keyboard? For me playing games on the Spectrum / BBC emulators requires playing from keyboard
I do have a wireless keyboard but it's a cheapo special and has a crappy layout! A better one would be good for gaming which I will look into.

I am tempted to try using the HTPC with both the 360 controller and a zipstick with an adapter for the games that need it.

I'm never completely happy with Amiga emulation but as you pointed out it's a lot cheaper than a FPGA Arcade. Part of the appeal with that was probably the tinkering element i.e. building it and playing about with it.
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