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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I guess that's the case on pretty much every computer board: Every chip has a key function and for proper operation, all chips must be present and working.

The 64M (32M) memory of the ACA1230 (ACA630) cards is composed of two chips, where both of them are always selected at the same time. The chips are 16 bits wide each, so in order to form a full 32-bit word, both memory chips must be present and they must work properly.

You're right but i have some other point of view under my experience, time ago i had a GeForce2 with 64mb of RAM, when one of the RAM chips got wasted, the board still worked with only 32mb. Same happened to me long time ago with some RAM SIMM on my Blizzard, it was a 64mb SIMM, but when it got ruined only was able to address 32mb????

I do suppose this could be technically possible on any board if the wasted portion of memory is the one mapped on the higher part of the RAM.

But from your words i get that on the ACA, as long RAM is performed by 2 16bit chips, both are needed. Maybe a RAM burst technique a-la RAID?
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