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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Surely an XBOX-1 and emulation would be the best solution? One unit, very compact. Emulators for almost every system (Amiga, Atari, SNES, Megadrive, Arcade, etc.) 720p output for movie playback etc?

Plus they are only about £5 second hand off ebay (perhaps another £15 for all the parts required to softmod & component cables)

You'd have to be pretty bonkers to want to pay the price of an FPGArcade unless you were intending to do FPGA development AND play around with games.
I definitely see what you're saying!

I do have an HTPC though, an Atom/Ion setup I use for HD video playback and the odd game. Tonight I've been experimenting with using an xbox 360 controller with it. Tested against CCS64 and MAME32. Results a bit disappointing to be honest. PC control methods seem to be a pain.

Would you still recommend an xbox over the HTPC? Guess it being a standard platform with standard controller set up could make life easier.

Or maybe I should try and find a good digital joystick for the PC.
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