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I'm almost done with my entry. Here is a screenshot and readme as of 12/17. I plan to send the game via e-mail to Miss Cammy no later than the 20th. I will let her distribute it to all the places it should go.

  H O W  T H E  G R O U C H  S T O L E  C H R I S T M A S
                          Clenched Fist
  You've heard of the Grinch? Well this is the story of
his evil little nephew Grouch. Grouch is ashamed of his
uncle for going soft and vows to clear the family name
by stealing Christmas once and for all.
  To this end, Grouch has broken into Santa's workshop
and made off with a load of Amigas destined for Whatville.
These are wrapped in a giant red box. Also taken were a
few assorted packages which had their contents emptied.
  This cargo was then hauled to a nearby igloo. The red
Amiga box was shoved to the back. Then the empty packages
were filled with gravel, dirt, whatever and pushed in too.
A few loose blocks of ice were used to fill in as much space
as possible. Only the red box can exit the igloo.
  Your mission is to use the mouse to slide the boxes and ice
around and get the big red box to the exit so Rudolph can   
return the Amigas to Santa. I think he will become the
brown-nose reindeer.
1 - move piece only one square at a time even if two are clear.
2 - to move piece click and hold, move pointer to new location
    release button.
3 - to install, extract archive to hard drive.
4 - This is Blitz BASIC baby, all I could learn in two days.
5 - I sometimes experienced severely flashing blittering
    while testing on WinUAE, especially while moving the mouse.
    This could be greatly diminished if not eliminated by using
    "immediate blitter" checkbox.
6 - Don't go too far right with mouse. Try it and see why.    
7 - Some will recognize this game right off; especially Linux
    folks. Anyway the cheesy story and graphics are still mine :)
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