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Ok, I will change them (I use the same values in Dh1 and Dh2, the ones I've got with PFS3)

About the buffers, in the instructions says to use 150 buffers for normal partitions, 250 for bigger ones and MAX for the rest. Somewhere I heard to put 200 on the booting one, which is what I'm trying. I think I will put exactly that, 150 for DH0 (700Mb), 250 for Dh1 (3Gb) and... wait a moment, will it let me write MAX for Dh2 (28Gb)?

My idea is to format Dh1 (and Dh2), then make there a copy of Dh0, change the booting partition to Dh1 and then format Dh0, install again the copy on it and leave it again as booting partition. Is that ok?

(I've heard too about making an OS3.9 Emergency Floppy and installing PFS3 with it, but I don't know how to do it, but I think my method will work)
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