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Originally Posted by fatboy View Post
Not wishing to rock the boat as ANY new bit of hardware for orignal Amiga's is fantastic

I'm just trying to get my head around the pricing?

The ACA 1230/28 Mhz @ £83.49 is a super low price IMHO and is outstanding value. It just makes the ACA 1230/56 Mhz @ £164.99 seem expensive in comparison (not for specialist hardware of course!).

It might seem daft but the great low price of the 28Mhz is slightly putting me off the 56Mhz model?? it actually twice as good, twice as expensive to make and therfore twice the cost as the the slower model.

If there wasn't the cheap 28 Mhz model I would have no hesitation to buy the 56 Mhz version.

I'm sure I'm going to get roasted for my comments but I am not putting down all the great work that has gone into making us this new range of cards. I'm just finding it hard to justify (and the wife) paying twice the price for the 56 Mhz model.

Whatever I WILL be buying a new ACA card....but just don't know where to put my money
The more expensive card has Full 68030 not EC chip like the 28mhz version so you're getting quite a bit more bang for your buck.

I did think the price gap was a little wide myself but as Amigakit has said before there really isn't much margin on these so I think with that in mind they've done the best possible with the pricing.

With regards to performance, the entry level version whilst it will run some emaulators and provide a nice little boost for your workbench the 56mhz version will be a lot more capable, especially of you want to run the likes of Doom and Shapeshifter

If you'll just run a WHDLoad machine, grab the 28mhz unit if you think you'll want to explore more than that go for the 56mhz version


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