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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
@CU_AMiGA, don't you know that it sounds very bad that the first (here, it has been tried by a lot of people outside this forum) one to receive it has such problems?
That makes no sense. So wot do you want me to do just pretend everything is working just to keep people happy?

Anyways, i am now getting another PSU and A1200 motherboard. I havent broken the bank that much and managed to get it cheaply. Like i said i think the accelerator is working fine (as it has been tested by Jens and Amigakit). But my Amiga 1200 hadnt appeared to be working "right" even with the Blizzard. I will try out the with the Amiga setup and if i get more problems i will report to the problem hardware section like someone mentioned before. My full setup is Amiga 1200/ACA56/3.1ROM/3.9OS/4GB2.5"HD. I m pretty sure i configured it fine as it appears ok in the ACATUNE -status (but not recognised in early startup?!). It ran DoomAttack pretty blazingly fast!
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