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Originally Posted by God 2.0 View Post
There's one issue that's bothering me a bit though. Around 75% of the time when I enter or change a numerical value in a field, for example in a "link" field, the field reverts to the former value when I click somewhere else.
Does pressing TAB after editing a field help? I remember it being pretty annoying to get to work right at all.

- Is there any way to change game constants such as individual character statistics, special power prices, or special power order?
(Party power as The Gentleman's fourth special makes no sense since everything is pretty much maxed by then.)
You can read them (see one of the menu options), and you could modify them. I never coded an interface for that, though.

- Any way to determine cash drops on killed monsters?
Not that I know of. But there's a lot of unknown data still.

- Any way to read and modify the game's graphics? They seem to be stored in .BIN files, but I'm not sure. I would like to swap the level loading screens with new ones that have different level names. For example, I'd like to change "The Beginning" to "Stone Idols".
The level names aren't stored in graphics, but elsewhere. Again, I don't know where.
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