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I'd suggest NOT to post support cases in this thread, but to go through the established channels for support. We have always refused to give support in public forums for a simple reason: Local records (which we have to keep by law). This is also the reason why I have disabled PMs here (and PMs still come through, could someone check that? I want PMs DISABLED!).

The standard procedure for support is to contact your reseller. Please include all information you have about the system (as Oliver requested before):

1. What exact Os revision are you running? Both Kickstart and Workbench.
2. Do you run any system patches on startup? If yes, what patches?
3. What does the ACATune tool say on CLI, if you type acatune -status. Does it recognize the card?
4. Aside from the ACA1230, do you have any other expansions installed in your A1200?
5. How much Ampere does your power supply provide on the +5V rail? We tested all cards with 3A power supplies.
6. Are there any leaked capacitors on your mainboard? Look careful, since it can be easily overlooked. If you don't know what to look for, provide us with a high resolution photo of the mainboard, if possible.

Again, the standard procedure to get support for any Individual Computers product is through your reseller. If the result of the support case is of interest to the public, we'll post it here.

Amigarobbo, please contact your reseller with the information listed above.

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