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Wired Chaos

Hi all, I’m back with another old shareware game of mine called ‘WIRED CHAOS. Again this is the FULL enhanced version of the game.

It’s a fun little 2 to 6 player Light-Cycles/Snake type game. The object of the game is to try and survive longer then your completion.
There is no single player option but there is a practice mode that allows you to get used to the controls, practice maze races, and get accustomed to what the power pill special power’s do until your mates come to play.
Click image for larger version

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This game did very well in magazine reviews back in its day collecting, not just one but two, ‘Game of the Month’ awards for best PD, which was a huge achievement. Even more for the fact on the same review pages there were big known titles like ‘Deluxe Galaga II’ and ‘Black Dawn II’ that did not get same titles.

It gets better...
Just for you, not only is this the enhanced version, but over this last month I’ve been updating it, polishing it, and made it even better. You can say it’s the enhanced version of the enhanced version . Check out below what I added or updated;-

Change log New for 2010
V.1.81 - December 2010
  • Changed licence from shareware to freeware.
  • Added a brand new Maze level.
  • Added a brand new power pill ability called ‘Out-of-Phase’. A power that lets you temporarily pass through your own, and other peoples, light beams (tails).
  • Added 7 brand new sound FX’s, most of which used on power pills.
  • Added new menu option. You can now have up to 5 power pills on screen at any one time. Before it was only 1.
  • Power pills are now easier to pickup. You don’t have to be pixel perfect to collect them.
  • Changed ‘Wall Hogs’ (CPU controlled light beams) to 100 pixels in length. Before their light beams would just forever grow, and would fill up the game grid making it impossible to play.
  • Added moving dots to walls of Maze levels, to add that electric look to the graphics.
  • A player can now finish a Maze level even if all other players have crashed out to then go on to win 2 points instead of just the 1.
  • Made minor changes to Maze levels to make them less impossible to finish.
  • You can now set menu options with the cursor keys, and start the game with the space bar. Before you could only set options with the joystick.
  • At the end of each round I added a pulsating circle round the winner to highlight their glory.
  • If you are playing on a PC emulator you will find that on a PC keyboard the Shift and the Ctrl keys are reversed. I had used Ctrl and Shift for Up and Down for Player 3. Because of this I’ve now made it so you can reverse them. To do this highlight player 3 and move controller once to the right to switch the player on, then a 2nd time to reverse the keys. I know you can no doubt reverse them in the emulator, but this saves you the bother.
  • You can now pause the game with Spacebar, or joystick fire buttons.
  • Plus many other small tweaks and bug fixes.

Known bugs
  • player using the number keyboard must not use more than one key at any one time, otherwise other players might get keyboard clash.
  • On some hi-spec Amiga’s there could be problems with the sound. If you get crackly or broken sounds then disable CPU caches before running the game should hopefully fix the issue. No need to do on standard 500/600/1200 Amigas.

All the above updates were done using WinUAE Amiga emulator on the PC. Without this, this update would not have been possible. A big thank you to the WinUAE team for making it possible.

Hopefully there are still players out there that still want to play this game. It’s been my own self-satisfaction to make it the best it can be.
I hope you all enjoy. Happy Christmas


Download here
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