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God 2.0
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Excellent work! I was overcome with joy when I found this thread a couple of days ago. Chaos Engine is my all-time favourite game for the Amiga 500, along with Gods.

There's one issue that's bothering me a bit though. Around 75% of the time when I enter or change a numerical value in a field, for example in a "link" field, the field reverts to the former value when I click somewhere else. I have not really managed to find out how to avoid this. Entering the value multiple times in a row or clicking alot on the grey empty background may or may not help. This really slows down my editing speed, since I constantly have to click on triggers, covers, and scriptblocks many times every time I want to modify them.

Anyone with a solution to this problem?

In addition to this, I have some question regarding the editor functions.

- Is there any way to change game constants such as individual character statistics, special power prices, or special power order?
(Party power as The Gentleman's fourth special makes no sense since everything is pretty much maxed by then.)

- Any way to determine cash drops on killed monsters?

- Any way to read and modify the game's graphics? They seem to be stored in .BIN files, but I'm not sure. I would like to swap the level loading screens with new ones that have different level names. For example, I'd like to change "The Beginning" to "Stone Idols".

Guess that's a lot of questions for a new user, but this editor has me all excited.
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