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What what, it works in 3.1 now? I thought you said it didn't work in 3.1???

Glad you got the sucker working and I haven't wasted a year of my life

Do you have a real sound card then? I guess you must do if you've got a HI-FI 16 bits device? If so then you should select this in your AHI prefs and then have a play with the tooltypes. Try increasing the channel number to 4 or maybe 16 to see if that helps and you could also try changing the callback rate up to 80 (the default tooltypes settings are meant for Paula).

If you normally use PAL, you could also try setting PAL as your WB mode (eg 320x240) then remove both 'multiscan' and 'vga only' from devs/monitors (put them back in storage). After adjusting the Overscan prefs to get in centered with PAL, try running ScummVM (which should select PAL 320x200 mode if it can't find the multiscan monitor driver).

You don't actually have to set your WB mode to PAL to get ScummVM AGA to use PAL BTW, the overscan pref changes are still saved (I think).

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