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Much better now!

Image fully centered and displayed and works in 3.1 too! Sadly, this mode doesn't get along with my monitor, a cheap lcd tv with VGA input wihich works nicely with indivision at ordinary amiga resolutions. Colours get messy, but that's my monitor's fault (it also behaves so oddly with other machines)

Sound is there too, but for reasons beyond my knowledge best result comes setting music unit to "Unit 0: HIFI 16 bits". Paula works, but totally jerky. At 11 Hz and no music oldies like Zak M are joyfully playable. DOTT goes nice, and Sam & Max... eer, well, It's playable, but as exciting as watching a movie in slow-motion (which was to be expected, anyway)! ^_^'

Great job! Thanks a lot for this Christmas present!

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