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I have just watched my order status at Amigakit:
ACA 1230/56 Accelerator
Status: Awaiting Stock 11/23/2010 Next Stock Expected: Monday 20 December, 2010

I was the first to post about it here... The truth is that I taked about one and perhaps and a half hour to buy it, and as I've said I don't have any hurry, as I can wait till the 5 (6 is holiday here) of January. I'm not complaining at all, but just want to take on consideration that there has to be a really great amount of sales of the ACA's, much more as the 1230/56 (I believe) aren't the best selling ones for the post I've seen...

Originally Posted by CU_AMiGA View Post
damn it! i got a ffeling either my a1200 motherboard is broken or my psu is screwed. as i keep getting graphical scrambled errors after a while whilst using the aca. but when i use the b1230 i dont get that - although something doesnt seem "right". will have to panic buy i think before its too late! >
@CU_AMiGA, don't you know that it sounds very bad that the first (here, it has been tried by a lot of people outside this forum) one to receive it has such problems?

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