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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
Just made some sort of progress. Last report I was booting from 3.1. Booting from my 3.9 partition I've been able to start Zak McKraken, so it seems there is some 3.9 feature ScummVM AGA 030 likes! Couldn't get it to work at the right resolution: whatever I do I'm missing some third of the image at the bottom of the screen both in the game and the launcher, so I almost can't even reach some basic launcher options. No sound at all. ^_^'


Thanks for giving it a wirl.

I knew that performance would be an issue on an 030, esp. the GUI which is doing a realtime 16 bit to 8 bit conversion. Unfortunatly I don't have a real Amiga to develop on at the momement.....when I build myself a new 030 AGA machine I'll have a go at making it a bit quicker on real HW (I've already got a few ideas).

Thanks for testing the OS version required, I'd hoped we'd get away with 3.1 but it looks like 3.9 is the minimum (3.5 might work, could someone try it for me?).

Ok, let's try and fix up your issues.

First off graphics. This application doesn't 'bang the hw', it's actually a proper multi-tasking friendly WB application and therefore uses WB screen modes which you haven't got setup correctly. Can you display wb using the 'MultiScan' + 'VGA only' monitor drivers on your display? Move both of these from storage/monitors and stick them in devs/monitors, after a reboot go to your display settings and try MultiScan 640x480 in 256 colors (test first before saving your changes!). After you choose MultiScan as your monitor driver you'll probably notice that your WB isn't correctly centered on your display, this is because you need to go into your Overscan prefs and fine tune it (graphics/text), make sure your WB screen is fully displayed and then run ScummVM AGA again. This time ScummVM should also be centered and fully visible

Next up sound. It could be that the known AHI bug is preventing any sound from being displayed, try the Simon the Sorcerer 1 (DOS demo) as I know that plays both music and SFX. Other demos to try can be found here ->demos.

What 'music unit' have you selected under your AHI prefs? Try the base Paula 8 bit stereo device to start with (without the +).

To get more speed (after you've got the screen fully displayed), go to the audio options and try disabling the music, set the audio rate down to 11Hz and then quit the ScummVM GUI, restart and try again.

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