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We tested all cards thorougly on the following mainboard revisions:


The ACA1230-56 is permanently installed in my development A1200, which is revision 1D4, which has run hundreds of hours with this card, without any single crash and glitch. On the German Amiga board, people already installed and ran their card without any problems.

So we really need to know:

1. What exact Os revision are you running? Both Kickstart and Workbench.
2. Do you run any system patches on startup? If yes, what patches?
3. What does the ACATune tool say on CLI, if you type acatune -status. Does it recognize the card?
4. Aside from the ACA1230, do you have any other expansions installed in your A1200?
5. How much Ampere does your power supply provide? We tested all cards with 3A power supplies.
6. If you have a digital camera, please post a picture of the glitches.
7. Are there any leaked capacitors on your A1200 mainboard? Look careful, since it can be easily overlooked. If you don't know what to look for, provide us with a high resolution photo of the mainboard, if possible.

We can only help you if you shed some light into the vagueness. Blind panic actions don't solve anything, they only create problems.

Try to pull the card a little bit (maybe 1-2mm) from the mainboard away, since it may be possible that the connector has become a bit dirty from using the Blizzard 1230.

If that doesn't help, try to run your Amiga only with the ACA1230 installed. That includes disconnecting the harddisc. Do the glitches still occur on Early Startup?

Does your Amiga boot without any accelerator? Maybe the on-board CPU is broken (I had such an Amiga in my hands, which only booted with accelerator).

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