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Good news, although I'm not sure it will work for me..
I'm hoping to have a new accelerator for my A1200 (Yeay Jens) under the tree, so:

1) An AGA Amiga with an 68030, 68040 or 68060 processor
Hopefully will have a 30 in there...
2) Lots of FASTRAM
Should have 64M of it...
3) The latest version AHI installed (
I'm guessing that's not a problem.
4) A sound card will help but Paula is also supported via AHI.
So far so good...
5) This emulator really hits the HD so you'll need a decent transfer rate (3mbs+).
D'oh! As I understand it, the internal IDE on the A1200 maxes out around 2M...

Well, hopefully I'll be able to test it out anyway...

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