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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
if you take a look at the picture of the underside, you will notice the board is broken on the lower right side
It is not broken - all ACA1230 are like this. We have cut that part of the PCB away on all boards to make installation easier. This has been done prior to wave-soldering. Some boards have the white paint replaced with solder in that area, but since it's just a GND plane and no signals, it does not matter.


Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Dont know anything about it, but "kein" is "not" and problem is "a problem", so I guess that means "not a problem"

Its just a "massefläche", I guess in swedish that is "massor" and fläche is spot "fläck", its just a workspot.
"not a problem" is correct, but let me help a little on the other terms:

"Massefläche" is a ground plane, a typical German noun composed of two nouns "Masse" (=the signal ground) and "Fläche" (area or plane). These areas are also called "copper pours" in the CAD world.


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