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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
It really depends on your mindset for the joystick controls.
If you have an ipad, and an iphone/ipod you will be able to use the phone as a controller.
which is a little easier. anything that involves the mouse is the easiest, followed by Joystick, then keyboard.
Sense, you Make none. ,

Touchscreen devices: It's a hard time for the game designer to limit his ideas to the non-controls present on these devices. What you get is a subset of games "that work with touch" + "games that don't work with touch where we've adapted the game to where it requires not much input from the user".

Quite apart from that, this thread is about emulation, Vairn. What's left is joystick-controlled action games where you could possibly touch a graphical d-pad and expect any accuracy, or point-and-click games that might or might not select the point you clicked on with your 40x40 Amiga-pixel fingers, covering a good part of the screen.


I can see a reason for emulation on control-less devices if the goal is running demos, of course
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