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Quarterstaff? heh heh, I just downloaded it. I like the Mac buttons, they lend a continuity to the whole thing. It's to my taste, mais oui!
Oh, and I would love to tell youse all how simple and logically organized Mac games are. The interface, folder, files. Not a wild mess the way PC games are. And running the same games on the Mac emu is simpler and smoother than running DOS games on a native PC. What is in the heads of those retards from Richmond??
Maybe they oughtta try some of that Cupertino Gold and loosen up. Here..take a hit and pass, maaaannnnn

But I do have a qualm about one Apple product mentioned by a certain sppok earlier in another thread.
The user interface of Quicktime on both PC and Mac is horrendous. I have no problem with it's compatability or how pretty the player looks. Its lovely. But it is absolutely unintuitive and clunky. That's why I stick to the stunningly elegant and simple and sweet iTunes and iMovies.

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