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If there are any questions concerning the ACATune tool, feel free to ask here.

For those who are still waiting for their cards, you can also already install and add the tool to your startup-sequence, since it will only activate itself if an ACA card was detected.

A few notes concerning Maprom.

To map an internal 512K Kickstart, add the following line to the startup sequence:

ACATune -maprom * -cache on -burst on >NIL:

For those with an 1MB internal rom, use the following line:

ACATune -maprom ** -cache on -burst on >NIL:

For those who like to load a 256K/512K/1MB rom from harddisc, use the following line:

ACATune -maprom <romfile> -cache on -burst on >NIL:

Note that <romfile> is the name of the file, including the full path. After loading, the Amiga is rebooted with the new OS.

Every rom being loaded is reset-proof and wont be overwritten by ACATune. To deactivate the maprom feature in order to load a different rom, use:

ACATune -maprom off

The "cache" and "burst" paramenters are replacements for the CPU command.

The tool should always be the first program being loaded from startup-sequence.

At the moment, the tool lacks an integrated GUI, which is being included in the next release.

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