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The content of the GameCube version is all intact here, but in addition to that, some key extras have been added. Chief among them is a side story called Separate Ways, which lets you play as the elegant, enigmatic spy Ada Wong as she finds herself in the same place at the same time as Leon, the hero of the story. In addition to featuring some slick new cutscenes and more than a few more hours of great gameplay, Separate Ways sheds new light onto some aspects of the storyline and explains why some of the things that happen to Leon are more than just happy coincidences. The difficulty in Separate Ways picks up at about where Resident Evil 4 leaves off, so Ada will have a tough fight ahead of her and will likely need to avoid as many enemies as she has to kill. As such, the feel of the action in this episode is different from the parts of Resident Evil 4 during which it takes place, even though Ada plays pretty much the same as Leon (though she's a little faster and gets to use a cool grapple gun). Overall, Separate Ways is a well produced and exciting bonus.
A few additional weapons and unlockable costumes are also new to this version, but it's not necessarily worth getting a second copy of Resident Evil 4 just for this extra content, especially since none of it is available up front.
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